Blocked Drains

As the names says... IF IT'S BLOCKED... WE UNBLOCK.  Whether your toilet is backing up, your kitchen sink is clogged, your sanitary drain is choked with tree roots, or your storm water is overflowing, UNBLOCK has the solution to your problem.


With a combinded experience of 20 years in unblocking drains in Ipswich City and surrounds, our skilled Team can tackle almost any drainage issue. Old earthenware pipes, corroded gal water services and under-mined blacksoil underpin our beautiful Heritage City.  Hence, when the integrity of the drain is compromised, blockages can occur.


The most common causes are:

  • Tree roots in a cracked pipe

  • Feminine Hygiene Products flushed down the toilet

  • Blue Loo cages flushed down the toilet

  • Build up of oil, fat solids and food waste in the kitchen sink

  • Build up of hair and soap scum in the bathroom vanity and shower recess

  • Foreign objects such as plastic toys either flushed or inserted into drains by curious children

  • Rusted or corroded pipes restricting the flow of water


With specialised equipment and up-to-date technology, UNBLOCK uses the RIGID Electric Eel and the Sea Snake CCTV for DRAINCAM Location of problematic blockages.  This means that we can pin point the cause, exact location and depth of the problem without any unnecessary digging or excavation.